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Registration for Recreation starts April 1, 2021!!!

The East Sac Youth Soccer Club aims to make our neighborhood a better place for children and youth who master and enjoy playing soccer while learning physical and social development life skills. If you live in or around the East Sacramento area and would be interested in having your child play soccer, please contact us!

With over 900 players strong, East Sac Youth Soccer Club is one of the larger soccer clubs in the region, but we are only as strong as the volunteers who step up to make it happen. If you are interested in helping us please join us at our monthly board meetings.



A Message from East Sac Competitive's Director of Coaching

As noted below, the East Sac Recreational program has made the difficult decision to cancel the recreational season.  This decision does not extend to East Sac Competitive soccer.  The reasons for the difference in approach are many, including but not limited to the lengthier competitive season and the approach take by competitive soccer programs across the County and beyond to not cancel the season at this time.  With that said, whether and to what extent the program is able to return to a more normal soccer playing environment depends entirely on future developments.  As always, we will follow the directives of the governmental entities that control our conduct.  The safety of our players, coaches, and personnel remains, and will always remain, our first priority.  

Ed Dudensing, Director of Coaching

Sign up for 2020 East Sac Competitive Tryouts

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Recreational program

The Fall 2020 Soccer Season has been Cancelled

June 24th

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Capital Soccer Alliance (CSA) has decided to cancel inter-club recreational games for the upcoming Fall 2020 soccer season. This decision has been made in order to best protect our communities from potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus and to reduce the likelihood of unnecessary transmission through close contact during recreational sports activities. During a meeting of all CSA member Clubs held on June 24, 2020, this unanimous decision was made for the following reasons:

  • In the weeks prior to the meeting, reported cases of and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 were increasing locally;
  • Local public health officials and US Soccer have not yet released guidelines on how to safely conduct competitive/recreational soccer games (current guidelines that have been released only cover conditioning activities for athletic training);
  • Many of the fields that we use are owned by local municipalities, and the fields still remained closed for sanctioned sports activities; and
  • We are concerned about placing an undue burden on volunteer coaches to implement appropriate social distancing guidelines that would have to be emplaced for public safety

The CSA partner Clubs did not make this decision lightly. We are all committed to providing a safe environment for the youth of our communities to experience the sport of soccer. Unfortunately, the unprecedented circumstances of the global COVID-19 pandemic have created a scenario where we do not believe that we can effectively create a safe environment for all of our registered players. Please stay safe and we hope that we can all return to play recreational soccer in 2021.

Gregory Ertl

2020 Rec Player Registration

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2020 Rec Coach Registration

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Most questions can be answered on our FAQ's Page or the Rec Registration Page. 

If you have a question for a board member, feel free to email that member directly. 

Parent Corner:

Respect the Game, the Players, the Coaches, and the Referees!

Protect the Ref!   
Every year referees quit because they are treated poorly by a parent or a coach. 
Youth referees as well as adults at the recreational level are learning just like your kids are learning to play the sport.

Saying anything negative to a referee is not permitted. 
Be positive and enjoy watching the game!

All Parents:  Here are a few good videos we all could watch and use.  Click Here

Recreation Playing Rules for each Age Division

Metro Kids Soccer
U7/8  Playing Rules: 
Click Here

U10 - U14 Playing Rules:  Click Here
U10 - U14 Rules and Regulations:  Click Here

Capital Soccer Alliance
U16- U19 Playing Rules:  Click Here

Field Hotline

Sacramento Parks and Recreation determines that status of our fields. Please call the Parks hotline  @ 916-277-2336 to see if the fields are open or closed.   If it has rained, please check the hotline.

For game day status, the hotline will be updated by 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning to let you know if the fields are open. If the fields are open, all games will be played. If the fields are closed, games will be cancelled.

Weather Corner

Please note that anytime temperatures soar over 100 degrees

  1. Coaches and Parents should limit practice intensity and provide mandatory water breaks. 
  2. Keep a close eye on children watching for signs of heat illness.

When temperatures reach  105 degrees and above:  Practice is cancelled.




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