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East Sacramento Competitive Soccer is a competitive soccer program within East Sacramento Youth Soccer Club that fields competitive teams at many age levels for those interested in a higher level soccer playing experience. The season lasts anywhere from six to ten months per year, as opposed to the four month recreational season. Teams play between 20 and 50 games, as opposed to the ten games played in recreational soccer. The number of games played and the length of the season vary by the team. Inquire with the head coach of the applicable team for details. The coaches typically have significantly more coaching/playing experience and higher licensures than recreational coaches.

The cost of competitive soccer is higher than for recreational soccer and varies by the team.

The East Sacramento Soccer Club does not field Competitive teams in every age group. 

For more information about East Sac Competitive soccer contact Director of Coaching Ed Dudensing at


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East Sacramento Competitive Tryout Schedule For The 2022-2023 Season


May 15, 16th & 17th   U9-U14

May 15

10:00-11:30 - Players born in the years 2012(U11), 2013(U10), 2014(U9)

12:00-1:30 - Girls born in 2009(U14), boys born in 2010(U13),  and players born in 2011(U12)

12:30-2:00 - Girls born in 2010(U13)

May 16

5:15-6:30 - All players born in the years 2012(U11), 2013(U10), 2014(U9)

6:45-8:00  - All girls born in the year 2009(U14) and all players born in the year 2011(U12) 

May 17: Please note that teams 2009 - 2014 will NOT have a third round of tryouts. If your player did not previously try out and was planning on coming out 5/17 for the first time, please contact Director of Coaching Ed Dudensing at to inquire if there are any available places on the team. 

May 23 & 24th

*No tryouts May 25th

4:30-5:45 - All boys born in the year 2006(U17)

5:15-6:30 - All girls born in the year 2008(U15)

6:45-8:00  - All girls born in the year 2007(U16), and combined tryouts for all boys born in the years 2007(U16) & 2008(U15)

ALL TRYOUTS TO BE HELD AT STANFORD PARK (28th & C Streets). Schedules are subject to change; please check back here regularly to confirm times and dates for your player's age group.